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Leet is a 360 media services, we provide information and also L(eet)eration from our media in various platform. In addition, we offer many services to grow your brand and business from concept to execution. Start your journey with us!

Since 1997, Addry has been involved in the media industry, both as an announcer and presenter, and has been directly involved in media management.

From the youngest Program Director at that time to becoming VP of Marcom in one of the largest conglomerate companies in Indonesia. He has also built several brands to date, starting from F&B, services to body hygiene products. Apart from these professions, Addry is still active as one of the leading Public Speaking Facilitators in Indonesia.

Now at Leet Media, he acts as Founder and CEO who will take this Digital Brand to the forefront of both Media and Digital Agency.

Chief Executive Officer

Addry Danuatmadja

She always succeeded in presenting the programs entrusted to her, both TV programs and also as Master of Ceremonies. Her expertise in combining events and product knowledge with the audience is the reason many brands always trust her.

Storytelling is another strength of Indah in the world of entertainment, which has led her to be trusted to present many programs on more than one media channel. As one of Leet Media’s Co-Founders, Indah was also trusted to serve as Chief Marketing Officer.

With a combination of experience, networking, and expertise, Indah is optimistic that Leet Media will become a trusted media and digital agency

Chief Marketing Officer

Indah Setyani

Andy has a strong background in finance and accounting. Aftergraduating with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in accounting, he worked while continuing his master’s degree majoring in finance. Andy has worked in the fields of finance, accounting, and even business planning & valuation since 2003, ranging from national to multinational companies in the fields of textiles, media, telecommunication, and automotive.

Armed with experience and interest in business development, he has founded several businesses since 2013 such as restaurants, hotels, to businesses in the energy sector, and currently with his partners, is developing digital media startups and F&B startups for fast food services.

As one of the Co-Founders, Andy is currently entrusted as the Chief Financial Officer at Leet Media and is very optimistic about bringing Leet Media to become a financially healthy company

Chief Financial Officer

Andy Jaya Herawan